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All prices for 1 lane/60 minutes

Day of week /hoursPrice
Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm27 zł
Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm [students, PhD, youth]*18 zł
Monday-Thursday, 5pm-11pm32 zł
Saturday-Sunday/holidays, 10am-5pm30 zł
Friday-Saturday, 5pm-11pm50 zł
Sunday/holidays, 5pm-11pm40 zł

* Reduced-fare tickets – all students and PhD’s from University of Science and Technology and other universities as well as junior high school and high school students aged 11-19 are eligible for reduced-fare tickets by providing their student card. Annuitants, pensioners and disabled people (free entrance for the care assistant) by showing their ids respectively.


We advise booking the tables between 10am-11pm by phone: 12 617 48 35


Billiard pricing

All prices for 1 table/60 minutes
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday and holidays – 10am-11:30pm

Day of week /hoursCena
Monday-Friday, 10am-12am10 zł
Monday-Friday, 12am-5pm8 zł
Saturday-Sunday/holidays, 10am-5pm10 zł
Monday-Sunday/holidays, 5pm-11pm14 zł

We advise booking the tables between 10am-11pm by phone: 12 617 48 35

We offer:

  • exclusive space
  • bowling on two lanes
  • two billiard tables


Club games available:

  • billiard-hockey – 2 zł/game
  • table football – 2 zł/10 balls
  • darts – 2 zł/player


2 hours300 zł
3 hours400 zł
4 hours500 zł
5 hours600 zł
6 hours700 zł


2 hours450 zł
3 hours520 zł
4 hours620 zł
5 hours760 zł
6 hours900 zł


We advise booking between 10am-11pm by phone: 12 617 48 35

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