Regulations of ball pit

1. Child enters and stays in playing area only under supervision of an adult.
2. Playing area is suitable for children aged 3 to 11 years.
3. Maximum number of children in the playing area at the same time is 15.
4. Before entering playing area, ensure that child do not posses any object that can carry the risk of injury e.g. rings, pendants, pens, belts with sharp bucklers, etc.
5. It is forbidden to bring or consume any foods or drinks in the playing area. For this purpose, there is restaurant next door.
6. It is forbidden to climb on nets.
7. It is forbidden to wear any shoes – children play in their socks on.
8. The fee for ticket is charged in advance and is nonrefundable.
9. Supervisor is obliged to have a receipt during the entire stay in the ball pit, and show it to staff when the child leaves the area.
10. Supervisor is responsible for the child leaving the playing area at the proper time.
11. After crossing a certain time of child’s stay in ball pit, one have to pay for every additional 15 minutes.

Regulations of Toddler’s corner:

1. Toddler’s corner is suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old.
2. Maximum number of children in the Toddler’s corner at the same time is 15.
3. Staff can temporarily restrict access to the corner because of exceeding the maximum number of children.
4. Toddler’s corner is open from Monday to Friday at 3.30 pm-8.00 pm and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 10 am -8 pm
5. Toddler’s corner is charged. Cost of care is defined in pricing list located next to cash desk.
6. On the Toddler’s corner there is video monitoring system along with a record.
7. Children can enter or leave the area only under supervision of parent or adult supervisor.
8. Child can be admitted to Toddler’s corner only after fulfilling appropriate form and paying the fee by a parent.
9. Children has to remove their outer clothing and shoes before entering the playing area.
10. Due to reasons of hygiene and safety children cannot:
– bring sharp objects,
– bring and consume and food or drinks,
– chew a gum,
– destron and take out toys and any other equipment with them.
11. For the sake of health of our youngest customers, children who are carriers of infectious diseases, viral and bacterial infections are prohibited. Parents are obliged to inform staff about any disabilities of the child, e.g.: asthma, allergies, epilepsy, hearing impaired, etc.
12. Staff may refuse admitting the child, who has behavioral problems and is of risk for other children.
13. In case of parents not taking the child out of a corner after the closing hours, staff is obliged to contact the nearest police station.
14. Payment of fees is tantamount to acceptance of all regulations.

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