Parking lot regulations

Parking lot regulations

Using parking lot is free of charge only to clients of Basen AGH.




1. The hand over of the entry ticket from the machine takes place on barrier signed “WJAZD”

Attention! Ticket must be taken and kept until departure.

2. After lifting the barrier’s arm, one should enter the parking lot and park the car in separate parking space. Lack of free parking space indicates necessity of exiting the parking lot.

3. When exiting the parking lot, one should put the barcode to the barcode reader at the exit gate.

4. After lifting the barriers arm, one should exit the parking lot.

5. For one ticket only one car can enter and exit the parking lot.

6. Lack of entry ticket results in the necessity of paying a fee fixed at 25 zł.

7. In case of any problems with using the system, please use the intercom placed in the entry and exit gate.

Attention! Parking lot is not guarded.




1. One should go to the pool along with the ticket.

2. At the time of paying for using the pool, one should show the entry ticket at cashier’s window.

3. Clearance on using the parking lot takes place at cashier’s window.

4. To activate the departure tt is necessary to present a receipt form pool’s cash registers (confirmation of using pool, gym, bowling alley, pay corner or bar).


Director of Basen AGH


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