About the bowling alley

As a part of the sports and entertainment center Basen AGH we offer you a modern bowling facility along with billiard and a stylish bar. Table football and billiard-hockey are also available.

The bowling alley has been built with the top-level Gemax solutions. It is fully automated and provides a digital interface. We offer you two lanes. While using the bowling alley special footwear is required (available at place).

Booking between 9:30am-10:30pm by phone: 12 617 48 35

The alley operates until 10:30pm.

Bowling rules

The game consists of 10 rounds during each the player has a maximum number of 2 throws. If the player achieves a strike – manages to knock over all 10 pins – the round ends. Otherwise the player is able to release the ball once more in the same round. If he manages to knock over the remaining pins, he achieves spare. If not, the round ends with open frame – meaning the player gets exactly the same amount of points as the amount of pins knocked over.



Strike – all 10 pins knocked over in the first attempt. The player gets 10 points plus the sum of points from the next two throws as a bonus.

Spare – all 10 pins knocked over in one round (two attempts). The player gets 10 points plus the amount of points from the next throw.

Open frame – not all the pins have been knocked over. The player gets as many points as the pins hit.

Miss – the player didn’t manage to hit any of the pins.


The bowling alley’s opening hours are 10am-11pm, Monday-Sunday, holidays included.

The current pricing is available at Bowling -> Pricing



You can book the lanes between 10am-10pm by phone: 12 617 48 35


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