Basen AGH is a modern sport complex, featuring swimming pool with three separated basins. Staff on qualified lifeguards watches over your safety. Professional instructors will teach you to swim and help you improve your swimming skills.

To all of those who prefer active leisure time, want to improve skills and shape we offer a sports pool:
– area: 25 m x 16 m
– depth: 1.3 – 1.8 m
– amount of lanes: 6
– water temperature: 27 ºC
– air temperature: 30 ºC

For everyone who wants to start learning to swim we prepared training swimpool:
– area: 25 m x 12,5 m
– depth: 0,8 – 1.8 m
– amount of lanes: 6
– water temperature: 28 ºC
– air temperature: 30 ºCThe youngest fans of water and hydromassage enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of recreational pool:

– area: 15 m x 8,4 m
– depth: 0,6 – 1.0 m
– water temperature: 32 ºC
– air temperature: 34 ºC
– waterfalls, hydromassage

On the area of pool you can enjoy the benefits of jacuzzi and hydromassage in two forms, as the columns are fixed both to the floor and the walls. Moreover inside the complex there is a water slide that provides unforgettable experience.


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