Swimming courses

Registration by calling 885 544 305 from Monday to Friday, 9A.M.-3 P.M.

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It is not possible to make up for the absence during classes!

Condition to starting the course is:

  • creating the group of eight,
  • payment one week before the course starts.
Lessons last for 45 minutes.
Payment with cash or with credit/debit card takes place in cashier’s window no.1.

Course price of adults and children (exept toddlers)

Amount of classesCourse price
Monday20700 zł
Tuesday21735 zł
Wednesday20700 zł
Friday19665 zł
Saturday18630 zł



Registration for courses for toddler by call 885 544 305

on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 A.M – 3 P.M.

from 14.01 to 24.01.2019.

Conditions of starting a course:

– creation of group of at least ten

– payment to 10.09.2018 days before starting a course



In the classes participates child with one parent/guardian

Lessons last for 30 minutes

Saturday course starts on 17th of September and finishes on 12th of Janury 2019.

There are no classes on 24th of December to 2nd of January 2019, 11th of November.



Payment with cash or credit/debit card at cashier’s window no.1

Type of courses:

8:15 - 9:006-7 years; fully booked
8:15 - 9:008-10 years
9.00-9.456-7 years;fully booked
9.00-9.458-10 years ;fully booked
9.45-10.306-7 years
9.45-10.3010-12 years; fully booked
10.45-11.3010-12 years; fully booked
10.45-11.308-10 years;fully booked
11.30:12.156-7 years beginners - 2nd semester: fully booked
11.15-12.008-10 years
12:15 - 13:0011-15 years
13:00 - 13:4511-15 years



INDIVIDUAL SWIMMING LESSON lasts for 45 minutes.

Swimming lessons start on 17th September!

Payment with cash or with credit/debit card at cashier’s window no.1

Day/HourNumber of people in groupPrice for one lesson
Monday - Saturday1 person80 zł
Monday Saturday 2 people120 zł
Monday - Saturday3 people150 zł

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