Swimming pool regulations

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I. Basics

1. Basen AGH, situated at ul. Buszka 4, is an organisational entity of University of Science and Technology in Kraków..

2. Basen AGH is open daily between 6am-11pm, while pool and sauna facilities are operational until 10:00pm.

3. The user is obligated to acknowledge regulations and specific terms of use prior to entering the facilities and obey the forementioned during the whole period of stay.

4. Individuals causing disturbance or disobeying the regulations will be removed from the facility with no right for money return.

5. All individuals remaining in the facilities are obligated to immediately obey announcement issued in case of their presence

6. At the premises of the object it is strictly forbidden to:

– smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs

– carry sharp tools and dangerous objects

– eat, unless at places intended for it (restaurant at the 1st floor, bar in the basement)

– bring animals

– be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

7. An individual responsible for the damage done by organised groups is the tutor of the group

8. All devices available to clients have necessary certificates and assure their safe usage under the condition of following the regulations.

9. Basen AGH is under constant surveillance

10. Any business activity apart from the one by Basen AGH, especially private swimming lessons, is strictly forbidden.

11. It is advised not to bring valuables to the facility due to the risk of theft.


II. Swimming pool terms of use

1. Prior to entering the swimming pool area all users are required to change footwear to flaps, then use cloak room in the hallway to deposit footwear and coat.

2. Disabled people using wheelchair are obliged to swap it for a wheelchair for swimming pools.

3. Entering the paid area is possible with electronic watchlike waterproof devices available at cashier’s window.

4. Leaving the pool is possible only upon returning the forementioned device.

5. It is mandatory to leave all the fragile devices e.g. mobile phones and watches as well as sharp items like jewellery in the locker in the changing room.

6. Flaps should remain in the changing room/shower area.

7. Prior to entering the swimming area all individuals are obligated to take a bath

8. It is forbidden to use cosmetics in glass containers.

9. Entering the swimming area is possible barefoot only.

10. Prior to entering the swimming area it is mandatory to disinfect feet by walking through “nogomyja”.

11. It is mandatory to use swimming caps and swimming suits:

– women – two or one-piece swimsuit

– men – swimming trunks or shorts with no pockets aligned to the body

12. Upon leaving the swimming area, one should take a bath.

13. Children aged 10 and less shall use the swimming pool under parental supervision only.

14. All individuals intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, with medical issues or medical issues threatening the safety of other users, including individuals with bandages and/or plasters will not be allowed into the swimming area.

15. Both the administration organ as well as facility service are eligible for checking the sobriety of individuals entering and remaining in the facility. The rejection to undergo the test will result in expelling from the object.

16. Children aged 3 and less may use the available objects in swimming diapers only.

17. Individuals in bad health, mental or physical condition as well as pregnant women should use the available objects with special care, according to their given health status. Basen AGH takes no responsibility for side effects occurring due to using the facility by such individuals.

18. All injuries and recognised dangers should be immediately reported to the lifeguard.

19. Individuals not able to swim shall use the special restricted areas for non-swimming only.

20. Organised groups are obliged to have a minimum of one supervisor per each 15 attendants. The supervisor takes responsibility for people under his or her charge during the whole period of stay at the facility.

21. The supervisor is bound to contact the lifeguard immediately after entering the swimming zone in order to settle the rules of using the facility.

22. An organised group shall have no more than 15 individuals per tutor, if any.

23. In each 25-metre pool shall remain a maximum number of 42 individuals (a maximum of 7 individuals per lane) in case of individual swimming and no more than 45 individuals in case of organised groups. At the recreational pool there shall be a maximum of 20 individuals remaining at the same time. In the swimming area there shall be no more than 107 individuals remaining at one time.

24. The classes may be held upon the presence of lifeguards only.

25. The group classes are set according to a timetable.

26. It is forbidden to pose threat to people remaining at the facility at any time.

27. At the swimming area it is entirely forbidden to:

– run

– jump into water

– eating and chewing gum

– leaving children with no supervision

– using pontoons, mattresses and inflatables

28. In case of danger the lifeguard may order the individuals to escape the pool immediately.

29. All individuals remaining in the swimming area are bound to conform to lifeguards’ orders.

30. Any costs of damages will be covered by the individuals responsible.

31. For damage cause by underaged the individuals responsible are their parents or caretakers.

32. It is advised to take 20-30 minutes rest upon leaving the pool.

33. Basen AGH takes no responsibility for any negative effects of using the swimming area due to disobedience to the Regulations.


III. Pricing

1. The entrance fee is equal to a fee for one hour in accordance with the price list and is non-refundable.

2. The time of stay at the swimming area is measured since the moment of passing the toll-gate until returning the electronic device at the cashier’s window.

3. The price for steam room is included into the entrance fee for the swimming pool.

4. The price for dry sauna (in the basement) is counted separately.

5. Invoices for services held by Basen AGH are issued upon delivering the receipts only up to 7 days since the day of sale.

6. In case of losing or damaging the electronic watch the user is bound to pay a fee of 90 zł.

IV. Responsibility

1. Any damage of the equipment at the facility as well as damage, destroyal or loss of items or devices lent to user will meet with a full refund of the value of the forementioned at the expense of the user held responsible.

2. Basen AGH takes no responsibility for items, especially valuable ones, lost at the premises or lost due to theft.

3. Basen AGH takes no responsibility for damaging the swim suits at the swimming area.

4. Basen AGH takes no responsibility for accidents caused by disobedience to the following Regulations, terms of use and orders of lifeguards and service.

5. Unacquaintance of the following Regulations and terms of use of sauna, jacuzzi, slide and solarium does not affect the responsibility for inaccurate utilization of the pool and its devices and Basen AGH will not be held responsible for any negative effects of the forementioned.

6. The purchase of the ticket is equal to accepting the terms and conditions of Basen AGH.

Slide regulations

1. The slide is available for all individuals using the swimming area and operating between 8am-10:20pm.

2. All individuals complying to the Regulations of Basen AGH and slide regulations are able to use the slide having bought the ticket.

3. Individuals using the slide are bound to immediate obedience to orders by lifeguards and other workers of Basen AGH.

4. Children aged 7 and less may use the slide under parental consent only.

5. All individuals are obliged to remain attentive and take special safety measures while ascending the slide platform – it is strictly forbidden to run the stairs, push other individuals, etc.

6. All damage noticed during slide shall be immediately reported to the lifeguard.

7. Slides shall be performed with compliance to the following safety rules:

– the individual sliding down may commence the slide after the green light lits only, upon checking the presence of water in the gutter

– the slide shall be held in recumbent or half-recumbent position only, legs facing down

– upon the end of slide an individual shall immediately move away from the exit of the gutter, allowing space for the next user

– the slide of children aged 7 and less shall be performed with the caretakers only, according to instructions visible at the safety regulations next to the slide

8. It is strictly forbidden to:

a) Commencing the slide while the red light is on

b) Jumping into the gutter while running

c) Performing the slide in dangerous positions, especially head down

d) Catching the gutter while sliding, bringing into the gutter any object and performing dangerous games, e.g. races, group slides

e) Stopping and standing inside the slide

f) Carrying metal parts of the uniform

g) Performing other activities that might be a direct or indirect threat to safety

9. Individuals using the slide are forbidden to pose threat to themselves and other users.

10. It is inadvisable to use the slide toindividuals with heart diseases and blood circulation diseases, especially sensitive to overload.

11. Individuals not obeying the regulations may not be allowed to use the slide. In the event of flagrant abuse of the regulations individuals may be expelled from the swimming area.

12. Individuals using the slide do it at their own responsibility and risk. Unacquaintance of the Regulations and terms of use of the slide does not affect the responsibility for its inappropriate use and Basen AGH will not be held responsible for any negative effects of the forementioned.

Jacuzzi terms of use

1. Entering the tub is possible solely from the side of the handles.

2. There is a limit of 12 people remaining at the same time in the tub.

3. For health reasons it is advised to spend no more than 20 minutes in the tub.

4. Children below the age of 7 may remain in the tub only in the care of adults.

5. It is allowed to use the tub in sedentary position only.

6. It is forbidden for the users to put themselves and others at risk while using the tub.

7. All malfunctions shall be immediately reported to the pool attendant.

8. Swimming caps are required.

Director of Basen AGH

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