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We offer you Tai Chi classes by Piotr Grzęda Wachowicz, an experienced teacher, a member of World Chentaiji Association – Poland. Mr Wachowicz is a 2008 gold medallist of Poland Taijiquan Championship and a bronze medallist in World Wudang Championship in China.

Chen Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) is the oldest internal martial art of a 350 year old tradition documented by Chen family. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi energy transits mind and body and its balanced and strong flow guarantees psychophysical balans, in other words – maintaining good health. The main part of the training is studying movements and sequenced combining combat and health-energetic aspects. By practicing taijiquan, performing featherlike, graceful moves, one does not strain his or her joints and muscles. He strengthens it and gradually makes more flexible while at the same time deepening its relax state.

Working on the natural position of spine, knees, pelvic area etc. we successively strengthen a habit of correct, relaxed body position, so called correct structure. By following the constant and mild move with your thoughts and imagining an increasingly deeper relax state embracing both the body and mind we reduce the “thought race”, improve our concentration and make our emotions gradually more balanced, building inner strength and peace.

Slow tempo, the specific character of moves and concentration stimulate natural and deepend rhythm of breathing. Taiji training applies both to your relaxation and concentration in movement as well as techniques of working with Qi (Qigong) energy and other typical exercises boosting your physical abilities, improving strength, flexibility, agility and coordination.

The classes are held in a multifunctional gym at Basen AGH, ul. Buszka 4.

Applications and info:

Piotr Grzęda-Wachowicz

Krakowska Szkoła Chen Taijiquan


email: piotrgrz@vp.pl

phone: 691 720 650





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